Sorosh Saberian

Sorosh Saberian

Sorosh is strategist expert project manager at Trajectory Inc., and responsible of planning, execution and success of NetSuite projects. Integrity and honesty are Sorosh top values and aims to create a positive enviroment in and out of the office. He ensures to have effective communication with clients, making sure to understand their business and goals in order to provide not only a solution but a business booster! Fashion passionate and Bitcoin enthusiast, Sorosh enjoys bourbon and technology.

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13 April 2018

Big Bang vs Phased ERP Implementation Strategies!

You’ve made it! You have FINALLY come across an article that explains the ins and outs of Big Bang vs. Phased ERP Implementation process. Chances are, you're about to start a big software project (perhaps a NetSuite Implementation), and aren't quite sure of your implementation strategy. If you've read a few other articles prior to making your way here, you'd notice that they typically follow a model:
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